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SVG Open 2012

21 October 2012

Last month I attended the SVG Open conference in Zurich. It was a good conference, attended by Chrome, Mozilla, and Opera engineers, as well as the SVG standards committee. Although SVG is a wonderful technology, it has a number of rough edges that make life difficult. I gave a talk about the some of the problems we've encountered while attempting to build Blockly using SVG.

The talk was really well received, though the above recording does not convey this. At issue is the presenter's headset I was wearing. It picked up my voice perfectly, while filtering out all background noise. So every time I cracked a joke, and the audience burst out laughing, all one hears in the video is awkward silence. I should probably remix the audio with a laugh track or something.

More importantly, there was one part of the talk where I was flat wrong. It turns out that tooltips are alive and well in SVG. It was one of those things that wasn't well supported when I first looked at the issue, and it wasn't until I gave the talk that I was informed that that point was out of date. As I mentioned in the presentation, the state of SVG is changing rapidly and all my points have a short half-life.

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