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SVG Open 2012

21 October 2012

Last month I attended the SVG Open conference in Zurich. It was a good conference, attended by Chrome, Mozilla, and Opera engineers, as well as the SVG standards committee. Although SVG is a wonderful technology, it has a number of rough edges that make life difficult. I gave a talk about the some of the problems we've encountered while attempting to build Blockly using SVG.

Watch: Building Interactive Environments with SVG for Google Blockly

The talk was really well received, though the above recording does not convey this. At issue is the presenter's headset I was wearing. It picked up my voice perfectly, while filtering out all background noise. So every time I cracked a joke, and the audience burst out laughing, all one hears in the video is awkward silence. I should probably remix the audio with a laugh track or something.

More importantly, there was one part of the talk where I was flat wrong. It turns out that tooltips are alive and well in SVG. It was one of those things that wasn't well supported when I first looked at the issue, and it wasn't until I gave the talk that I was informed that that point was out of date. As I mentioned in the presentation, the state of SVG is changing rapidly and all my points have a short half-life.

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