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Meccano Menorah

1 December 2010

Something for all my Jewish friends: a Meccano Menorah. Apparently I'm not the first. Happy Hanukkah.

[Meccano Menorah]

Remember that mysterious missile that was seen apparently launching off the coast of Los Angeles last month? The one that turned out to be a plane? A couple of days ago I caught this image from downtown San Francisco. It was clearly a plane, I could see the four exhaust plumes from the engines. But the unusual perspective made it look really creepy as it apparently climbed vertically into the sky.

Click to embiggen.

Speaking of missiles, I'm organizing a group of Googlers to head down to Vandenberg AFB to watch the launch of a Delta IV Heavy on 11 January. It's the largest rocket in the world (second only to the historic Saturn V and N1 moon rockets). If you are a Googler (or reasonable facsimile) and are interested in coming along, let me know. As always, there is no guarantee that it will actually launch at the scheduled time. And even if it does, you might not see anything.

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