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17 February 2010

[Robocon article] While demoing my Robotic Chanter at Robogames last year, a reporter from Robocon Magazine interviewed me. The result is on the left (along with a really dorky photograph). Does anyone know enough Japanese to send me a translation? Google Translate would do an acceptable job, except I can't type the characters.

Update. Thanks to my co-worker Masayuki for the following translation:

There was an interesting robot entry in the art - music category. "Electric Chanter" has received silver medal in the category. The robot was created by a Google employee, Mr. Neil Fraser. His robot can automatically play a bagpipe using three bicycle air pumps and a beach ball. According to Mr. Fraser, who also plays bagpipe, "The robot plays better than I do. This tune, for instance, will probably take 2 years practice for a human. This robot does it instantly if you have MIDI file."

Last week I hosted a screening of Serenity at Google. We had a dozen Browncoats from the local community watch it with us. While coordinating the event I was served the following advertisement by Amazon. Now that's just cruel...
[Firefly Season 2]

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