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AFV Taping

10 April 2018

America's Funniest Home Videos was a cultural cornerstone back in the 1990s. Since then it has been largely replaced by YouTube and other online options. Never the less, AFV (as they like to be called these days) still exists as a weekly television show. A couple of months ago Sinh and I got the opportunity to attend a taping in Los Angeles. The episode just aired (s28e16), and there we are in the background:

Watching the production was interesting. They've been at it for nearly three decades, so the whole process is a well-oiled machine. Ours was the second of three tapings scheduled that day. The host (Alfonso Ribeiro) was extremely good at his job, never requiring more than one take to deliver his lines. The occasional second take was required when the audience didn't meet the producers' expectations. Often they'd ask us to laugh harder. Other times the production staff would rearrange who sat where so that the people in the background matched the look they sought.

We don't own a TV, so we weren't sure if we'd ever see the resulting episode. Fortunately one can find virtually anything on the more, obscure, areas of the 'net.

Of course since we were in LA, we had to take a quick visit to see the Falcon 9 at Hawthorne.

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