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DMP Rehosted

13 February 2018

After several years in hibernation, my Diff Match Patch project is back in business. When it launched in 2006, Google Code ( was the cool place to host open source projects. But they shutdown back in 2015, causing a mass migration to GitHub. At the time I was too busy with other work (Blockly), but over the last couple of weeks I've had the time to resurrect the DMP project and settle it into its new home. Let's see if GitHub will last as long as Google Code did...

Diff Match Patch

As always with this library, I'm obsessed with performance. Below is a graph of the relative speeds of each port. They break down into three very distinct categories: the compiled languages (Objective C, C#, Java), the JIT languages (JavaScript, PyPy), and the interpreted languages (Lua, Python). It's really shocking to see how fast the JIT languages have become recently.

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