Moo Database Browser

* Web Interface is a CGI script that provides a web-based interface for surfing a Moo database.

Browse a live demo.


  1. This Python script is a wrapper for the command-line browser. Therefore the first step is to download and compile the command-line browser and verify that it can read your Moo database files.
  2. Next, download and place it in your CGI directory. Make sure it is executable.
  3. Edit and change the 'dbdirectory' and 'moobrowser' variables so that they point to your database directory and command-line browser respectively.


By default one can only browse +r objects, verbs and properties in the database. If you want to be able to browse the -r data as well, one just needs to apply http authentication to the script. Under Apache, this means creating a .htaccess file -- there are dozens of tutorials for this.

Note that the http authentication is entirely your own creation, there is no tie-in with the usernames and passwords stored in the Moo database (CGI scripts are never informed of the http password, so a tie-in is impossible).

You might wish to install two copies of the Python script, one without authentication for the public, one with authentication for the wizards.

Last modified: 30 May 2005