Moo Database Browser

Tools for querying and exporting inactive Moo databases.

These applications allow one to easily extract information from a Moo database which is not executing. For sporatic look-ups, they are more efficient than booting up a live Moo and faster than loading the emergency wizard mode. This is particularly useful when one has an archive of historical databases, or if one is just looking for a verb that recently got deleted.

A command-line tool which quickly parses a Moo database and returns the requested object, verb or property.
View a sample transcript.
A server-side web-based interface for the above tool which makes it easy to surf a Moo database.
Browse a live demo.
Export a Moo database to XML format using Python.
A client-side browser-based inspector for a Moo database that has been exported to XML.
Lobotomize the clocks, tasks and listeners from a Moo's database.
Documentation for the Moo's .db file format.

Programmed for Moo Canada.

Last modified: 23 December 2009