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Inglenook Shunting

15 October 2022

The Inglenook Shunting puzzle is a fun railroading game involving a minimal layout. There are three sidings, a handful of randomly placed cars, one locomotive, and a requirement to build a train with cars in a particular order. The definitive source of info about Inglenook sidings is The Model Railways Shunting Puzzles Website. The are also several good videos showing their operation.

What was missing was an online version that could be played in a browser. So I built one. I can confirm that these puzzles are indeed very enjoyable. My daughter is six, and she finds them challenging but solvable. I'm eight times her age, yet I also find them challenging but solvable. With 6720 permutations, there's lots of replayability.

Try it yourself, Beaver Games : Inglenook Shunting. Feedback welcome.

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