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1 May 2015

The city of Mountain View refuses to allow Google to build new office buildings or to grow existing ones. So as Google continues to hire, we keep spilling over into more and more single-storey offices purchased or leased from other companies. The main campus is now so sprawling that it takes 15 minutes to cycle from one end to the other. Google keeps proposing to build higher-density offices, but has yet to get permission.

Thus, for the 12th time since I joined, my team has outgrown our building and moved to another building. In an attempt to stave off the inevitable 13th move, the new desks are a bit cramped.

Since there was nowhere to unpack my stuff, I decided to make some shelves. Nothing fancy, just two boards and three pieces of PVC pipe.

To increase rigidity, I also made six collars that were glued to the underside of the shelves. A hose clamp was affixed to each pipe to allow for the middle shelf's height to be adjusted.

Add a vine to crawl up the ethernet drop, and it's starting to feel like home.

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