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31 March 2015

Due to our neigbourhood's shortage of spectrum, Thao was unable to obtain Internet connectivity from her room. In order for her to do her homework, we needed to reposition our wifi to the middle of the house. Three boxen need to be moved: one is the cable modem, one is the router/wifi, and one is Facebook's wifi (their IT department was unable to make VPN work, and distributed hardware to employees instead).

This meant placing these three ugly networking devices in the living room, the only central location with cable/network/power connections. More sensible family members suggested I just build a shelf to hold the devices.

But I had other plans. The first step was to cut a rectangular hole in the wall around where the cable/network sockets were.

Whoa, there's a lot of unused space in there. Hmm, ideas for the future...

The builders left a lot of junk between the walls.

Next I built a wooden box with a hole at the back for the cable/network sockets. A hinged foot is designed to drop down upon installation and support the back.

Thao constructed a miter box to help with sawing the moulding at 45°.

We assembled the moulding and built a clamp with Meccano to hold it during gluing.

Finally the moulding was attached to the box and the whole thing slid into the wall. Update: The external plug has been removed after taping a power cable running inside the wall.

Quynh and I can now relax in the glow of Blinkenlights[?] in the livingroom. And Thao can now do her homework.

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