Cycling Britain: Day 7

Lincoln → River Trent → Epworth → Crowle → Goole

[Lincoln street] In retrospect the choice to travel to Lincoln was a significant mistake. Our next destination was to have been York and there had been three possible ways to get there from Copt Oak: via Sheffield, via Sherwood Forest, xor via Lincoln.

  1. Sheffield's hostels were all in the Peak District, and thus would have been quite tiring to get to.
  2. Sherwood forest was a bit too far from York for a comfortable day's cycling.
  3. Lincoln was closer to York and was relatively flat, though was off to the East a bit.

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[Abandoned brick hut] What we didn't realize when we chose Lincoln was that there are no cyclable bridges over the River Trent on the Lincoln to York route. We ended up walking our bikes over an abandoned railway bridge. More significantly we didn't know that there would be an overwhelmingly strong wind coming from the West. This made cycling to the West virtually impossible. As a result of the delays in finding a way to cross the River Trent and our inability to make any meaningful progress West, we had to give up on York (for today) and fight our way North to Goole.

[Postal workers on bicycles] First class with the Royal Mail.

[Semaphore signals] Manually operated semaphore signals are not uncommon in Britain.

[Antique car dealership] Ooh, this car dealership has got all the latest models.

[Clifton hotel, Goole] Goole is a harbour town which appears to be in a bit of a decline. However we found a good fish and chips shop, and a good hotel, and prayed for better winds in the morning.

One of the hotel staff looked at me, looked at Chris, looked back at me, and asked if we were twins. That was the third time so far this trip.

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