Cycling Britain: Day 15

Inverness → Alness → Bonar Bridge → Culrain

[Inverness at dawn] Sunrise over Inverness. Three tower cranes on the construction site of the new shopping centre swing idly in the wind like giant weather vanes.

[Kessock Bridge] The Kessock Bridge over the Beauly Firth is the main connection from Inverness to the North.

[Cromarty bridge] A short ride over the Black Isle, then another bridge over the Cromarty Firth. This bridge seems to go on forever.

[Seal] A seal basking on a rock in the Cromary Firth. There are also dolphins here.

[Oil rig] Oil rigs from the North Sea are towed into the Firth for repairs and storage.

[Coudy vista from Struie Hill]
There are three routes North. Naturally I took the one that went over a mountain. The top of Struie Hill is midway between two cloud decks. On the way down (at high speeds!) there's a stretch where one suddenly dives into the lower cloud layer and loses all visibility.

[Rainbow over Bonar Bridge] Sometimes rainbows appear in the most appropriate places, in this case over Bonar Bridge.

[Carbisdale Castle] The hostel at Culrain is called Carbisdale Castle. And that is precisely what it is -- a castle (or at least a stately home).

[Statuary at Carbisdale Castle] An indoor statue gallery, a grand staircase, a clock tower, stain glass windows; these are things one normally would not associate with a hostel.

[Servant bells] 19th century instant messaging!

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