Cycling Britain: Day 14

Pitlochry → Newtonmore → Aviemore → Slochd Summit → Inverness

[Warning sign for steep slope] A few days off, and I'm back in business. No ankle problems today. As a result, the cycling is much more enjoyable. The previous two days had been a slow climb into the Scottish Highlands. Today was a white-knuckled ride down the other side.

[Multiple exposure film] Though I was blissfully unaware of it at the time, my camera had somehow switched into a mode where film only advanced one third the distance it should have. Meaning that many of the negatives are a confusing jumble of images. Just visible on the left of this unintentional collage is a bizarre concrete bridge over the river Findhorn. Made in the 1920s, it doesn't seem to make any structural sense. There must be a story behind it, but I don't know what it is.

[Update: Found this slide buried in a Shockwave presentation ( Still not much wiser.]

[Caledonian sleeper crossing Culloden Viaduct] That's not just any train, it's the Caledonian sleeper, crossing the Culloden Viaduct en route from Inverness to London. The same train I took two weeks ago to start this trip. Note the omnipresent sheep in the foreground.

[Inverness Castle] Inverness...

[Piper in Inverness] a.k.a. Capital of the Highlands...

[2 Charles Street, Inverness] a.k.a. Home.

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