Cycling Britain: Day 16

Culrain → Falls of Shin → Lairg → Altnaharra → Tongue

[Salmon leaping at waterfall] Shortly after leaving Carbisdale Castle, I arrived at Falls of Shin, a client of Digital Routes. They were having problems with their Internet access computer in the visitor's centre. Lots of BSODs. Despite spending two hours "waving a dead chicken" at the machine, I was unable to improve its stability. If I ever see that computer again, I'll just reformat it and install Linux.

[Clearcut forest] Clear cutting looks simply awful. On the other hand, the Scottish Forestry Commission is generally well respected for its environmental practices. Is the Commission's reputation undeserved? Or is clear cutting not as universally evil as it looks? Something doesn't add up.

[Smashed trees] Something large smashed its way through this forest, snapping off and crushing trees in its way. I'm guessing Trolls. But until we know for sure, this will remain the work of an Unidentified Forest Object.

[Scottish sheep] The rest of today's journey North was dominated by sheep. Apparently fences aren't in fashion up here, so sheep just wander wherever they wish. In order to keep the traffic casualties down, the farmer posted signs that read "ACHTUNG! LAMMER AUF DER STRAßE". I'm not sure why they believe that Germans are to blame for the majority of their sheep losses. But since Germans seem to get the blame for everything else here (world wars, the Euro, yodeling), why not also the slaughter of sheep on unfenced Scottish roads?

[Beachs in Tongue] And finally, after two weeks of cycling, I ran out of land. Nothing but sea from here to the polar ice cap.

[Benloyal Hotel] Since this seemed like a logical place to stop, I checked into the Benloyal Hotel in the village of Tounge. They are also clients of Digital Routes and they also had a few computers for me to look at. I did the usual "waving of dead chickens" -- this time with greater success.

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