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Knife Block

10 February 2023

We used to store kitchen knives using magnets under the counter top. This worked great most of the time, but occasionally when removing one it would hook its neighbour, resulting in a cascading shower of knives. So let's try a knife block instead. Here's a short video of building ours.

Here's the SketchUp CAD file.

Now that you've watched the video, let's address the elephant in the room. How did I injure my finger during this project? Was it the planer, the router, the chop saw, the saber saw, the hack saw, the drill press, the belt sander, or the knives themselves? None of the above. I opened a glue bottle, and some old glue had dried to the bottle in the form of a sharp spike. Yes, I sliced my finger on glue. Sigh.

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