Slashdot Articles

Here are three simple ways to keep an eye on the articles which are currently running on Slashdot. Both mechanisms update themselves every ten minutes. Both are driven from a Perl script on this server. If you want to customise the display, feel free to download it and hack it as you see fit.

Mozilla/Netscape Sidebar

[Add Sidebar] If you are using Mozilla or Netscape 6 as your browser, you can add this sidebar with one click. Dmoz has lots of other sidebars.

Opera Panel

[Add to Opera] If you are using Opera, you can add this box to your panels. Opera has lots of other panels.

Active Desktop Item

[Add to IE Desktop] If you are running Windows, you can add this box to your Active Desktop. Of course nobody who reads Slashdot would ever use Windows.


[Not supported in your current browser, sorry.]

Last modified: 9 June 2003