Simple character recognition and learning with neural networks.

Recog is a Windows program that learns and recognises characters and symbols. It uses neural networks to identify mouse-drawn characters. You can easily teach it to recognise new characters, or it can even teach itself. The program's accuracy improves as it learns your hand-writing (or mouse-drawing).

It is primarily an educational program. Recog demonstrates the difference between supervised and unsupervised learning. It has been used to introduce neural networks to students from grade one to the senior undergraduate level.

In this screen shot, Recog is recognising the number 3.

[Screen-shot of Recog]

Download Recog v3.9 [418k zip]. The download archive contains Recog's program, along with sample files, a complete help system, three tutorials and Visual Basic 3 source code.
Last modified: 28 January 2001