HP-35 RPN Calculator

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A couple of years ago I was browsing the computer displays at the Science and Technology Museum and spotted something rather familiar. It was a Hewlett Packard calculator; the same model as the one on my desk. It seems that my favourite calculator is actually two years older than I am.

After a bit of digging, I discovered that this calculator (which I bought for $5 at a garage sale) is not only historic, but is also a collector's item. The online Museum of HP Calculators lists its value at over $100.

The online HP Museum also has a collection of simulators for various models. Oddly, they did not have a simulator for the HP-35. So I wrote one in JavaScript for them. The result is a very faithful simulation with the exception of some rounding errors. Both the HP-35 and the JavaScript produce rounding errors, but they do so in different situations.

hp-35.zip (50KB)
Want your own copy? Download all the code and graphics in one ZIP file.
Last modified: 11 March 2004