Etch A Sketch


This neural network simulates everyone's favourite graphical output device: the Etch A Sketch.
[Image of network]
The network's operation is fairly simple. Click one of the eight nodes in the Cursor pad and the stylus will move in that direction. Just as with the original Etch A Sketch one can draw any pattern that may be formed with one continuous line. The neuron marked Clear all is the equivalent of turning the Etch A Sketch upside-down and shaking.

This network can be extended in several ways. The 6x6 grid could be enlarged. The shift registers at the top and left could be made circular, thus making the board toroidal. A pen-up/pen-down neuron could be added fairly easily too.

Legal statements required by Ohio Art:

  1. The Etch A Sketch product name and the configuration of the Etch A Sketch product are registered trademarks owned by The Ohio Art Company.
  2. The Etch A Sketch is being used with permission of The Ohio Art Company.
Last modified: 21 September 1998