Photographs of from Maker Faire 2007

[Maker Faire: Security]
Like many events, there are 'security' guards who check your bags. The only thing they are looking for is food. That way the onsite vendors can charge extortionate prices.

[Maker Faire: Box]
The guards had no issue with the digital video recorder I was carrying under my arm.

[Maker Faire: Lunch]
Gee, I wonder who removed the hard drive and replaced it with food?

[Maker Faire: Basic Pottery]
Free pottery lessons. A large number of the exhibits at the faire were hands on.

[Maker Faire: Advanced Pottery]
Watch the masters at work.

[Maker Faire: Faraday]
A million volts to the face makes one glad that Faraday cages work. Yes, there is someone inside that suit of armour.

[Maker Faire: Lamp]
Not only is this lamp beautiful, it is also extremely ingenious. It is constructed from a large number of identical interlocking shapes cut from flat plastic sheet.

[Maker Faire: Laser]
A computer controlled laser etching the top of a Mac.

[Maker Faire: Etched]
The Mac once it has come out of the laser etcher.

[Maker Faire: Lego]
The train will be delayed because the wrong type of AT-AT is on the tracks. Stomp stomp stomp.

[Maker Faire: Monorail]
The puppy mover in motion. Originally constructed as a static gag, it has now been retrofitted with motors and guide wheels.

[Maker Faire: Junk]
Tons of surplus hardware to play with.

[Maker Faire: Methos]
The guys from Eepybird were here to demonstrate what happens when one adds Mentos to Cola.

[Maker Faire: Camera]
An extremely simple two-axis camera mount. Just two servos stacked at 90 degrees.

[Maker Faire: Sugar]
A 3D printer which uses hot air to melt one layer of sugar after another, eventually producing arbitrary geometric shapes.

[Maker Faire: Band]
The music is playing, but nobody's there. This no-man-band is run by computer through compressed air.

[Maker Faire: Balance]
The trick with this sideways version of the Segway is to not try to balance. It will do the balancing for you.

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