Neil's First Creations

Slices of pie (1979)

[Photo of my first creation] Even at this age I must have known I'd eventually need a pair of glasses...

Spinning Machine (1983)

[Photo of Spinning machine] This machine would spin two threads together. It was based on the Spinning Jenny in a textile mill that my great-great-great-great-granduncle built. The mill is still in operation at Upper Canada Village.

Rhino Charger (1985)

[Photo of Rhino Charger model] The Rhino Charger was a commercial computer controlled industrial robot. My version had the same basic movements, but was powered entirely by hand cranks (at the time I didn't have any suitable motors). The forearm and its counter weight was so heavy that it bent the steel axle in the elbow joint. This project taught me a great deal about how not to build a robot.

Last modified: 18 July 1999