Cycling Britain: Day 3

Oxford → Winslow → Bletchley → Milton Keynes

[Cycling in the rain] Today was not a good day. The plan was to cycle with Chris from Oxford through Bletchley and on to Northampton. However Chris' late start (11am) and my slow speed (15kph) meant that we arrived at Bletchley too late to make a meaningful visit to the cryptography and computer museum located there. Since this was one of the must-see locations on our tour, we elected to halt here, spend the night at the hostel in neighbouring Milton Keynes, then visit Bletchley first thing in the morning before setting off North.

Milton Keynes is the closest thing there is in the UK to a North American suburb. Everything looks exactly the same from every angle and we ended up getting completely and utterly lost while trying to find the hostel. At least Milton Keynes has a very good cycle path network, even if the signs are mounted on round posts so that they may be easily rotated by the local youth at the expense of visitors.

[Victoria Inn, Bradwell] In the village of Bradwell there's the "Victoria Inn"...

[Prince Albert, Bradwell] ...which is directly across the street from the "Prince Albert". Touching.

[Milton Keynes hostel] And just as the hostel came into view, Chris got a flat tire due to some glass. Seemed like a fitting way to end a rather frustrating day.

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